Casino's Standard Operating Procedure Portal

Standard Operating Procedure Portal

Blue Rooster was contracted by a large, international casino chain to create a standard operating procedure portal to streamline the creation, approval, and distribution of standard operating procedures within the company. To do this, two separate systems needed to be built: a system to manage SOP’s and a system to distribute SOP’s. It was our task to travel to Macau, China to conduct on-site interviews with a variety of SME’s to determine how to structure both sides of the system. I primarily worked on the research and visual design portions of the project.

My Roles:

Research Assistant: Aided the UX researcher in conducting user interviews on site in Macau, China.

Visual Design: After conducting user interviews and aiding the UX architect in the creation of wireframes, we were tasked with creating 3 different flavors of visual design. The visual designs below primarily cover the distribution side of the SOP portal and not the creation side.

Portal Landing Page

Portal Division Landing Page

Portal Subject Landing Page

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